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2013 US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set | GEM BU in Original Government Packaging

The 2013 US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set includes two government display folders with a total of 28 highly sought-after coins in Mint state condition. As a result of being struck on special presses that use greater force than those that produce circulated coins, the collectibles in this set have sharp, intricately detailed images. One folder features 14 coins with a “D” Mint mark, representing the United States Mint in Denver, Colorado. The second folder includes 14 additional coins with a “P” Mint mark, indicating the coins were struck at the Unites States Mint in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Commemorating various aspects of American history, the 2013 US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set includes the following brilliant, uncirculated and limited edition coins:

American the Beautiful Quarters (five included)

Five coins from the America the Beautiful Quarter Program are part of an annual series that celebrates the beauty and grandeur of America’s treasured National Parks. The 2013 U.S. Mint Uncirculated Coin Set features New Hampshire’s White Mountain; Ohio’s Perry’s Victory; Nevada’s Great Basin; Maryland’s Fort McHenry and South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore.

Presidential One Dollar Coins (four included)

Four coins from the Unites States Mint Presidential Series are part of a series that produces $1 coins annually featuring portraits of U.S. Presidents in the order in which they served in office. Originally minted for general circulation and released through the Federal Reserve Bank system, $1 coins have been solely produced for coin collectors since 2011. This particular set includes Presidents William McKinley (1897 – 1901), Theodore Roosevelt (1901 – 1909), William Howard Taft (1909 – 1913) and Woodrow Wilson (1913 – 1921).

Native American One Dollar Coin (one)

Originally known as the Sacagawea Dollar, the Native American Coin is part of an annual series that pays tribute to the significant contributions toward the development of the United States by Native American tribes. The 2013 Native American Dollar commemorates the 1778 Delaware Treaty, the first formal treaty signed in the Unites States. The treaty was signed at Fort Pitt (now Pittsburgh) and gave the Unites States permission to travel through Delaware territory and called for aid for American Troops. The obverse is the same annually and depicts Sacagawea and her child. Sacagawea is the woman who famously accompanied explorers on the Lewis and Clark expedition. The reverse is representative of the Delaware Treaty of 1778 and shows three symbolic images of the Delaware Tribe – a turkey, a howling wolf and a turtle. A string of thirteen stars surround the design representing the thirteen original colonies.

Kennedy half-dollar (one)

Produced each year since 1964 for annual coin sets and other numismatic products, the 2013 Kennedy half dollar features its traditional silhouette portrait created by United States Mint Chief Engraver, Gilroy Roberts on the obverse with a modified Presidential seal on the reverse.

Roosevelt dime (one)

Introduced in 1946 after the conclusion of World War II and less than one year after the passing of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States and the Roosevelt dime represented only the fourth circulating denomination to alter its design in homage to a former President.

Jefferson nickel (one)

Since 2006, the Jefferson nickel design has been based on a Rembrandt Peele portrait from 1800 depicting the facial likeness of Thomas Jefferson along with an “In God We Trust” inscription and the word “liberty,” which is intended to emulate Jefferson’s own handwriting. The reverse of the coin shows Jefferson’s historical home in Virginia that he called Monticello.

Lincoln cent (one)

The Lincoln Cent honors one of the nation’s most recognized Presidents, Abraham Lincoln. The coin features the exclusive “shield” design on the reverse while the traditional Lincoln silhouette on the obverse.

The America the Beautiful Quarters are a series designed to celebrate the beauty of America's national parks and other national sites.

The 2013 quarters depict White Mountain, Perry's Victory, Great Basin, Fort McHenry, and Mount Rushmore.

Mirror-like Proof finish adds further beauty with an impressive shine.
These coins are minted in 90% silver, giving them bullion value in addition to their numismatic value.

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